Unlock Insights With LMS Maven's LearnBridge

Learning Management System Reporting & Insights Tool

LearnBridge connects to any Learning Management System (LMS) and provides customized dashboards to allow you to see how your learning is performing. 

Effortless training data management

Experience the benefits of a smarter approach to data management

LearnBridge enables you to manage your data more efficiently by automatically connecting to your LMS systems and consolidating the data into a user-friendly dashboard. With our tool, managers and stakeholders can access all necessary information in one place, such as enrollment figures, learner progress, and course completion rates. Our dashboards are customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization, making it easier than ever to monitor and improve outcomes. Identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and improve the effectiveness of your training programs.

How can LearnBridge help?

Program Owners

Our tool helps program owners keep track of all the important metrics from their programs in a single, easy-to-use location.

Program owners can easily monitor the progress of their programs, track learner engagement, and identify areas that need improvement.

In addition to providing valuable insights, our learning dashboard tool also saves program owners time and resources. Instead of manually tracking data across multiple platforms, program owners can access all the information they need in one location, reducing the risk of error and increasing efficiency.


Empower managers keep track of their employees' training progress in a single glance.

Managers can easily monitor their employees' training assignments, track what is overdue, and what is completed. The tool provides near real-time analytics, making it easy to see which employees are on track and which ones need attention. Managers can save valuable time ensuring compliance with company policies by completing assignments on time.


The ultimate solution for learners who want to take control of their training progress.

Learners can easily monitor their training progress, track what needs to be completed, and export a transcript of their completions anytime. Never miss a training deadline again with an easy view of upcoming required training. Learners can take ownership of their training progress and ensure they meet all their training requirements on time.

Our tool provides learners with a quick and easy way to track their progress and stay on top of their training goals.

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