It’s Time To Add An Expert Your LMS Administration Team

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When it comes down to it, Cornerstone is a powerful but complicated system, especially for someone who doesn’t fully understand the incredible features, functions, and capabilities that it has to offer. With that in mind, it is critically important to remember that an LMS like Cornerstone takes time, focus, and years to learn it inside and out.

For that very reason, adding a contracted LMS expert to your Cornerstone LMS administration team isn’t just a good move – it’s the best move that you can make. After all, why not have an expert help you make the most out of your LMS?

Your Cornerstone LMS needs an expert

While Cornerstone is one of the most advanced learning management systems available today, it’s wide range of features can often be quite overwhelming. In addition, with frequent updates, it takes time, effort, and focus to keep your system current and up to date.

Instead of bogging down your team with constant updates, feature discovery, and trial and error, you can free them up to work on other tasks that matter more to the core and essential objectives of your business/organization.

Remember, all of your internal administrators might not have the expert knowledge that they really need to make the most out of their use of Cornerstone. And not only that, but your company may not have the resources that you need to support your LMS. In these instances, adding contracted help to your Cornerstone LMS administration can bring a world of benefits that not only improve your use of your LMS, but it will also improve your bottom line. For instance, without the need to bring on an additional internal Cornerstone LMS administrator, you can save money on healthcare, 401k, PTO, etc. And every ounce of savings means the world to a growing business.

Support Your Existing Team

Already have a Cornerstone LMS administrator? Adding outsourced administration can still help. When you partner with our team at LMS Maven, we don’t simply cover your Cornerstone functions. We can also train your administrators and provide them with support to ensure that they build a deeper understanding and a more extensive foundational knowledge of Cornerstone, so that they too can get into the game.

From there, we also provide FAQ support for your internal employees, we built capacity by taking on routine tasks, and we aid in job creation by building exciting training documents for your internal team. From end to end, LMS Maven is here to support you and your team as you strive to take advantage of everything that Cornerstone LMS has to offer.

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