3 Things to Check Out in the Cornerstone Quarter 4 2021 Release

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2021 Cornerstone Q4 Release

It’s that time again, get ready for the Cornerstone Quarter 4 2021 release! The upgrade has been deployed to Stage environments as of October 6th and will be rolling out to production on October 29th. Here are 3 things we, at LMS Maven are looking forward to using in the next release:

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Performance UI Upgrades

Task Filters

We’ve supported several clients whose users often have trouble finding their completed Cornerstone performance review tasks. Before the release, users would need to click a small checkbox under the search bar to view their completed and expired tasks.

This box was often overlooked leading to requests for assistance. In the October release, Cornerstone looks to make this process easier by replacing the show completed checkbox with a series of status filters. We are excited about this change and think it will greatly reduce confusion from end-users looking for their tasks in completed status.

Co-Planner Notifications and UI Upgrade

Co-planners are also getting some upgrades to make things less confusing. Before the Cornerstone October release, co-planners added to a task by an admin didn’t receive an email notification. This lead to confusion as co-planners would need to be manually notified or may not realize they were added to the task. With this update, co-planners are notified via email when an admin adds a co-planner to a task.

Taking it a step further, co-planners will now see “- Co-planner” added to the end of the task title on their tasks. This will clearly show the co-planner which tasks they have been added to..

Admin Training Removal Enhancements

The pre-release admin training removal tool can be tedious to use. Although there have been recent improvements, like the ability to select multiple training objects to remove, the tool still needed some updates. The Q4 release looks to make that happen through several changes.

First, you can now remove sessions along with events during a removal. Previously, they had to be removed separately adding time to the process. From the start, the workflow of the training removal tool is changed in this update. You’ll now start by creating a training removal job and choosing if you’d like to remove by search query or by CSV upload. Choosing to remove by search criteria takes you to the familiar training tool removal interface consistent with the pre-release look. From here, the experience would be the same as before.

If you choose to remove by CSV upload you will need to create a spreadsheet containing the user IDs and respective training IDs to remove. You can include up to 200,000 records to remove with this method. Completed removal jobs will also be grouped by the group name making the organization of removals much easier in the future.

User Training Removal Enhancements

End users are not to be left out in the training removal upgrades! The Q4 Cornerstone release includes new removal options for manager-assigned training and self-requested training. We’ve seen several clients receive requests from managers needing to remove training they assigned to a direct report. Pre-release, anything assigned by a manager to a direct report would need to be removed by an admin.

Post-release, if the permission is set up for your managers, a manager can remove the training they assigned to a direct report. The manager would simply visit the transcript of their team member, then click the remove option in the dropdown for the respective learning object.

Managers can remove the training they assigned to a direct report.

The same idea applies to removing self-requested training. If the user has been granted this permission, they will also have the remove option in the dropdown list for items they have requested themselves. Again, the users will not be able to remove training assigned by admins or their manager, only the items they requested. This will be a great feature to empower users to clean up their own transcripts without causing additional work for the system LMS administrator.

With permission, users can remove training they requested.

If you have any questions about this release, would like LMS Maven to keep you up to date on releases in the future, or even need some additional admin support on your system please reach out to us anytime.

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